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When Colonel Putin seized the Crimea in 2014, he made clear through various spokesmen that re-establishing the former Soviet empire was his objective. With parts of Georgia and Azerbaijan already reclaimed, the methodology of stealth, of piece-by-piece, suggests that Armenia is likely to be next – simply look at a map and you will see why.

In terms of civilisation past, nowhere on planet Earth gains more marks than Armenia, provided that you include "historic Armenia", and yet 99% of humanity has no idea why. Armenia was originally Urartu, the land of Mount Ararat, the land of the Hittites, and both mythologically, through the Noah and many other stories, and actually, through real history, they were the founders of civilisation as we know it, spreading their cults and culture across most of Europe, into North Africa, and as far east as the Indus valley. There is nothing in European culture that cannot be traced back to them, and little doubt that "the common source" which William Jones recognised but could not identify was Hittite - the root language of Greek, Hebrew, Persian and Sanskrit, as well as their offspring such as Latin and the European Latinate languages, Arabic and Aramaic, Russian.

Armenia became the first country in the world to adopt Christianity as its state religion, in the 4th century, and then fell under the thumb of the Moslem Ottoman Empire, which massacred most Armenians during and after World War I, though the Turks continue to deny it. (Find out more at

Since the fall of Communism the country has spent much time either engaged in a petty territorial war, the Nagorno-Karabakh War if you are from Azerbaijan, the Artsakh Liberation War if you are from Armenia, whose main  outcome has been a trade blockade by both Turkey and Azerbaijan, with the obvious consequence of poverty. Like the Crimea, the conflict comes down to foreign majorities; Nagorno-Karabakh is geographically in south-western Azerbaijan, but the majority of the population are ethnically Russian. Not difficult to see what pretext Colonel Putin will use when he is ready to make this move.

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