Monday, November 9, 2015

Wake Island

If you are flying over the North Pacific ocean, midway between the Philippines and Hawaii, and you look down from thirty thousand feet, using a telescope, or very powerful binoculars, on an extremely clear day, and you have 20-20 vision, and do not blink – well, you still will not be able to see Wake Island; though you might just see the slightly larger Marshall Islands, which are just to the south; and it is absolutely visible on satellite and radar belonging to both the Russians and the Chinese. Like the Marshalls, Wake belongs to America, which annexed it in 1899 to provide a cable station, and then used it, in 1940, to provide a military base. The Japanese conquered it in the Second World War, but the Americans reclaimed it afterwards, and have used it ever since as a place where military and commercial aircraft transiting the Pacific can refuel – just a shame it wasn't there when Amelia Earhart flew this way in 1937.

The more puritanically-minded reading this will have to skip, or forgive me, but the fact is, that Wake Island is in the nearly perfect shape of a vagina (I say nearly perfect only because I do not believe that there are any actually perfect shapes in Nature), with the airstrip at the precise line of the uterus, and Wilkes and Peale islands providing the labia. Military bases being a very male activity, there is no clitoris on Wake Island.

Marks for: No, after that last paragraph, I am not awarding marks for or against. You decide.

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Map courtesy of the CIA World Factbook

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