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Update, July 14 2015 - the deal has been struck, Neville "John Kerry" Chamberlain has returned from Munich - or Vienna actually - holding the piece of paper: Peace For Our Time. The militants of Hezbollah are dancing in the trenches of South Lebanon. Obama has justified his Nobel Peace Prize - ha ha! Does anybody know how to photoshop Obama's face on to the photograph below?

Below is the entry for March 3rd in my "Book of Days" blog. Linked here is the Iran-Israel page from the United States Institute of Peace, which gives about as neutral an account of the relationship between the two countries over the last seventy years as you will find anywhere - the only thing missing is the continuing publication of the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" in Iran, with official support. Beyond this, I have nothing to say about a country which, in the words of Prime Minister Netanyahu, has already gobbled up several states in the Middle East, and has its eyes on several others, and which treats women, gay people, political opponents and anyone who does not practice Shi'ite Islam in the manner which the mullahs require - well they don't behead them like Islamic State does, but that's about the only significant difference. The goal? To supplant Mecca as the centre of the Moslem world. But of course, given the history of the Moslem Caliphate, Baghdad (achieved), Damascus (well on the way, and now with Russian support), and Constantinople (watch out Mr Erdogan!)  have to be subdued first. And after Mecca - the world.

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, invited to speak to a joint session of Congress by Republican Senate Speaker John Boehner, without bothering to consult with President Obama - a symptom of the appalling state of American politics, which has come down to little more than nose-thumbing from both sides. Inviting Netanyahu just two weeks before an Israeli election was surely no coincidence either, but the real point was the on-going discussions between Iran and various parties, including the US and the EU, which were at that moment within days of a possible conclusion. From the moment of the announcement of the invitation, Netanyahu's visit was controversial, to the extent that many Democratic Representatives and Senators chose not to attend his speech. It required political and diplomatic skills of the highest order to make any sort of speech in such circumstances, yet Netanyahu managed it. Below are two links, the first to a transcript of the speech published by the Washington Post, the second to a video of it broadcast by the New York Times.

High marks for the great civilisation that was once Persia, and for those courageous souls who are trying to cling on to that greatness today.

Minus marks for its replacement, the Caliphate of Tehran.

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