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Jan Mayen

It is entirely unclear what this cartoon is about, unless polar bears are planning to take over the world and this is a description of their strategy

A volcanic island in the Arctic Ocean and a part of the Kingdom of Norway (France prefers to own islands in the Antarctic, or, like America, in the Pacific). 

It is a massive thirty-five miles long and two hundred and thirty-two square miles in area, and is partly covered by glaciers.

Eighteen people live there, either working for the Norwegian Meteorological Institute, or its armed forces. 

Some gravel is occasionally collected for use on construction sites in Norway; fish are caught here in abundance; but the real interest lies below the rock, where significant deposits of petroleum and natural gas are believed to lie awaiting human exploitation. 

Jan Mayen is twinned with Svalbard in the register of countries, where they jointly carry the country code SJ and the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2. 

Jan Mayen island is not considered to be a serious candidate for membership of the UN Security Council nor the G-group of countries at any point in the near future and I am unaware of any prospective entry in the Eurovision Song Competition.

The original Jan Mayen, who found and named the place, cannot be described here, as absolutely nothing is known about him, by anybody, anywhere.

The Beerenberg volcano, the northernmost active volcano on Earth, thought previously though to be dormant, resumed activity in 1970, and erupted in 1985.

This is all ye know on Earth about Jan Mayen, and all ye need to know.

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