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Like Mozambique, Namibia suffered for decades from the superpower aspirations and behaviour of South Africa, made worse by the fact that Namibia is one of the world’s largest sources of diamonds; the South Africans did not believe that an inferior race of black people would have the intellectual development to be able to enjoy diamonds, and therefore it was in their best interest to let them develop at their own pace, while taking the diamonds to adorn white women.

The country was previously part of the German empire, which massacred tens of thousands of the native Herero in what is not officially called a "Holocaust"; the Germans are still arguing over compensation, though they have now formally apologised (the Germans are still arguing over compensation for the actual Holocaust, though there too they have formally apologised).

Namibia was seized by South Africa during World War 1 – in those days South Africa meant Britain. Independence came in 1990, but it took a guerrilla war that lasted fully a quarter of a century. Afterwards those inferior blacks did what no white country has ever done, and as liberated South Africa has also done, which was to establish a non-discriminatory constitution so effective that white people have not only stayed, but increased in numbers. Not that everything is roses. Namibia is in the HIV/AIDS zone of Africa, and much of it is desert, though like neighbouring Botswana it is mostly scrub-desert, replete with safari wildlife which brings in the tourists as well as the illegal big-game trophy-hunters. Hifikepunye Pohamba, who was a leader of the SWAPO rebels who fought for independence, served as President for a decade from 2004, replaced by his Prime Minister Hage Geingob in 2014, both leaders in elections which international monitors declared "open and fair". Apparently such things do occasionally happen in the world.

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