Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Pacific Ocean

People do not live in the water; sometimes they live on the water, in boats, and very often they live beside the water, on coasts, but people do not live in the water. Fish live in the water. Whales, dolphins, sharks and seals live in the water. This is an important distinction because every known definition of the word "country" includes the statement "an area of land", but does not include the statement "an area of water".

Nevertheless, to the CIA and the government of the United States of America, perhaps to others too, the Pacific Ocean is a country and formal records note that this country has, as its "major seaports": Bangkok (Thailand), Hong Kong (China), Kao-hsiung (Taiwan), Los Angeles (US), Manila (Philippines), Pusan (South Korea), San Francisco (US), Seattle (US), Shanghai (China), Singapore, Sydney (Australia), Vladivostok (Russia), Wellington (New Zealand), and Yokohama (Japan). Is the US government planning something undemocratic that we ought to be told about in public?

Of course, if this really were one country, and these really were its major seaports, think of all the conflicts in the world that would disappear overnight!

Marks for: 100

Marks against: 10

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