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Another of the territories of New Zealand, made up of three coral atolls, Atafu, Nukunono and Fakaofo, in the South Pacific. 

What is left of the population, which is now down to around fifteen hundred, survives by subsistence farming, though a significantly larger number have abandoned the place either for New Zealand or Samoa

For reasons beyond my ability to comprehend, the UN has been applying pressure for Tokelau to become more, if not fully, independent, but the islanders have rejected self-rule in two referenda, one in 2006, the second, because the result of the first wasn’t the one its organisers hoped for, in 2007. 

Given that Tokelau will disappear altogether within the next few hundred years, reduced to another Avalon-Atlantis by the sweeping tides of global warming, the remaining fifteen hundred inhabitants are probably best advised to follow their leaders to New Zealand or Samoa at some point in the next three generations.

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