Saturday, February 14, 2015


The finest country in the world, the role-model of economic success for all its citizens, with open government, quadrennial Presidential elections, high levels of affluence, art and culture, and no influence whatsoever by any form of ideology in the free-thinking of its citizens. Go Cuba!

Come on, you Cuba-haters, even you can't deny that he was cute when he was young.


Marks For: 11/10

Marks Against: 0

Update February 2015: It appears that President Obama is keen to accept Cuba back into the company of nations, presumably as a way of metaphorically poking his finger in the eye of his Republican opponents, as an act of spite and revenge for their several years of blockading his every policy. Tourism is not yet an option, and the whole deal will probably founder anyway, because the Cubans want Guantanamo Bay back, and Obama has already said no; and no doubt the Republicans will find some means of blockading this too. Personally I don't see what all the fuss is about. If Cuba is accepted back, Walchemists and Walburgers and Walshoes and Walclothes and Walhotels and all the rest of the American money-making homogocorporations can move in and restore the island to what it was at the time of Battista, with holiday resorts and golf courses and casinos and tax haven banks and cheap nannies. I just can't wait to make my tourist visit there. Go Cuba!

Update September 2015: Obama and Raul Castro just met at the United Nations in New York - the same week that John Boehner resigned as Senate Majority leader and Donald Trump made another stupid comment, so Fox News and the Republican press were too pre-occupied to give negative air-time to a meeting between two national leaders whose countries now have mutual embassies and the apocalypse didn't happen when they opened.

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