Saturday, February 21, 2015

Gaza Strip

The Gaza Strip is a celebrated Gentleman’s Club, operating on the border between south-west Israel and eastern Egypt. Like all Gentleman’s Clubs throughout the world, the term Gentleman is key to its management - the term itself is derived from the rules of cricket, which require perfect ethics and morality in all matters. A Board of Trustees named Hamas (an Arabic term that is used colloquially to mean “nice”, “generous”, “merciful” and “compassionate”) organises its nightly activities. Like all strip clubs, it is entirely closed by day; no business of any meaningful sort is permitted to be undertaken. The fireworks displays every night are a delight however, and can be seen as far away as Sderot, and even occasionally Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. One of the special attractions of the club is the insistence that the women never actually strip, but tantalise men by staying indoors on pain of being shot or used as human shields, and keep their entire bodies completely clothed, except for the eyes, even in the 120 degree Fahrenheit summer months. Hamas are keen to open similar clubs throughout Israel, but thus far have been unable to obtain a license.

International aid to the Gaza Strip, designated as humanitarian, is the highest in the world; it equals, by extraordinary coincidence, 75% of the total expenditure on fireworks in the same financial period, while the remaining 25% is understood to be stored for safe-keeping in private bank accounts in Bahrain, Paris, Geneva and elsewhere. See my story “The Hyena Chasers” for more details. You might also like to read the 1988 Hamas Charter, which tells more truth about this appalling organisation, and the reality of the Palestinian catastrophe, and indeed about IS, al-Qaeda and Moslem radicalism in general, than any anti-Zionist tract could possibly offer. "Islam is a religion of peace", said former British Prime Minister David Cameron. Some sects and denominations of Islam maybe; not this one. This one prefers to be known as "The Islamic Resistance Movement" (Article One), confirms that it is 
"one of the wings of the Muslim Brotherhood" (Article Two), and insists (Article Thirteen), that "there is no solution to the Palestinian problem except by jihad. Initiatives, proposals and international conferences are a waste of time and a farce."  

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Marks Against: 1988

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