Saturday, April 4, 2015


Is this Gadaffi? Or a crystal-ball prediction of the Sultan of Brunei?

And speaking, as I did in several earlier blog-entries, about fantasy kingdoms, none in recent times have been quite so fantastical as the Kingdom of Gadaffi, established in 1969 and finally toppled in 2011 when the people woke up from their wonderland dream and realised just how mad the hatter was. Beyond that, there is really no point in writing anything, as history’s editors will have changed it between hitting the “update” button and the computer completing the “refresh”. Today the country looks something like the inside of Colonel Gadaffi's mind, a place of chaos and confusion and megalomania competing with megalomania. It will take generations to sort out the mess. Oil will help, but also hinder. Expect civil war for the next decade at least as the various war-lords and ethnic groups and tribes fight over the best way to waste the spoils; whoever wins will find the wealth, like the oil, has run out by then, but at least they will have the power, the most sought-after commodity in the world, but only purchasable with blood.

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