Saturday, April 4, 2015


Or maybe this is the real wonderland – there are so many of these fantasy countries in the world, it's hard to know where to pin the ultimate Lewis Carroll badge. Number 7 in the all-time list of favourite Tax Havens, and number 11 in the Michelin Green Guide to the countries of the world that do not really exist other than to provide safety deposit boxes for money-launderers, tax-avoiders, official government fences, and the general criminal fraternity – the very same people, have you noticed, who own most of the major soccer teams in the UK?

Like Switzerland, its neighbour and partner in the tax haven stakes, Liechtenstein remained neutral in the Second World War. How can you stay neutral when Hitler is conquering Europe and wiping out thirteen million people? Does that statement not just tell you everything you never wanted to know about this revolting country which is still run as a feudal principality? “To abstain is to support the majority”, as Jean-Paul Sartre once expressed it - right in the middle of the Nazi occupation of Paris, now that I come to find a context for the statement. Only speculators, profiteers and black marketeers remain neutral in such a situation, which makes Liechtenstein a formal member of the International Community of Spivs, and worse, a collaborator in war crimes.

Marks For: 0

Marks Against: 36,925 (the number of its inhabitants at the last official count)

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