Monday, April 6, 2015


We hear a lot about Taiwan and Hong Kong, but not so much about Macau, a former Portuguese colony which is now administered as a “special administrative region” of China, which is to say that China got back what was stolen from it, on terms that it has no intention of honouring in the long-term, but is staying with in the short-term, because Hong Kong and Taiwan are higher priorities and the profits are massive.

A peninsula and two islands off the southern coast of China, it functions much as Seminole Hard Rock does in Florida, a den of gambling casinos and bordellos serviced by luxury hotels, so that Las Vegas sounds like a better comparison, except for the fact that Las Vegas is barely making a living when compared with Macau. The BBC website tells us that, "In 2914, activists organised an unofficial poll calling for more democracy, but the vote was disrupted by the security forces.” The date is probably not a typing error, as it is highly unlikely that anyone in Macau is going to challenge the status quo at any time in the next 80 years, and if they do, they know what lies in wait for them at the Tiananmen Palace Casino. On the other hand, if the current Chinese leader gets his way and brings an end to all that corruption, Macau may suddenly find itself with a significant drop in the number of its high-paying customers. Don't bet on it.

Marks For: 0

Marks Against: 26, 3, 35, 12, 28, 7, 29, 18, 22, 9, 31, 14, 20, 1, 33, 16, 24, 5, 10, 23, 8, 30, 11, 36, 13, 27, 6, 34, 17, 25, 2, 21, 4, 19, 15, 32

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